WiX based Installer– Boilerplate

WiX Toolset is a technology to create Windows installers for your software. It is open source and free for use, but as many of free things is not super user friendly. The creation of the installer is XML based. In this post I will try to present a kind of boilerplate template which you can use to quickly create most of the need installer.

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Make your application settings store values in database

Application settings in .net applications is a mechanism that allows you to define, modify and easily access a collection of settings. Depending on the setting scope (user or application) they are stored in a .config file deeply under your %USER_PROFILE% folder or in your application’s .exe.config or web.config file. In this post I will show a way to change that behavior and make settings be stored in database.

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TypeScript - a way to embrace the fuzzy world of java script.

What I always dislike in java script was the fuzziness of this language. Very often you didn’t know what type the variable is or if it was an object or a function. I always lack of some strong typing, design time rich intellisense or compile time type checking, which would minimize the possibility of making a bug in the java script code.

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