Automated UI testing in ASP.NET MVC5 using Selenium WebDriver

I would like to show you how easy it is to use unit test in Visual Studio and Selenium Web Driver to make automated UI test. The Plan The plan is simple: host your app, investigate given page, make assertions. The first problem is how to host our application from inside a unit test? I want to host app using current code not from external source which is already delopyed – post …

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Pivot grid in WPF

Today I am going to show you how easy to achieve a pivot scrolling in wpf using scroll viewers and scroll bars.

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Azure Active Directory B2B: How it works

B2B is based on invitation model which lets you enable access to your corporate applications from partner-managed identities. You can provide email along with the applications you want to share and send invitation to your partners, customers or anyone else who have account in Azure Active Directory. Azure AD sends them an email invite with a link. The partner user follows the link and is prompted to sign in using their Azure AD account or sign up for a new Azure AD account.

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Using Azure Active Directory application roles

In this post I’ll try to explain how we can build an MVC application that uses Azure Active Directory Application Roles for authorization. This kind of authorization is implemented using role based access control – RBAC. When using this kind of authorization we can grant permissions to roles, not to individual users or groups. The administrator can then assign roles to different users and groups. Thanks to that he can control who has access to what content and functionality.

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Full responsive vs m-site approach

Nowadays there are more mobile devices than desktops and every mobile device can have different resolution and aspect ratio. That means that we need to come up with optimal solution to that situation. There are basically two main approaches: a website that can dynamically adapted to every screen size - full responsive or additional dedicated mobile version of every page – mobil…

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Web API : One side object materialization

Recently I’ve been working on a api project where the requirement was that any data on the api service side is plain xml, stored in database as xml type column. No binding and object materialization is done on the server. However the client has to operate on clr objects. I am going to show you the solution I came to.

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Error handling in ASP.NET 5

There is a lot of changes since MVC5 regarding error handling. I will show you how to catch and handle some basic errors. Here is a nice article by Krzysztof about error handling in MVC5. First of all let me explain what “middleware” is…. or even better – here is the definition of middleware provided by OWIN from here: Pass through components that form a pipeline between a serv…

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