Application Insights – useful tool or a costs generator?

Without a doubt Application Insights, so a set of tools which helps to monitor your application form from early stage of development thought going into the production is a useful tool. So why it could generate additional costs? I will try to answer that question bellow. What it is? As I’ve written Application Insights it’s set of useful tools which will be collecting metrics, a…

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Registering application in Azure Active Directory

What does it actually means – to register an application with Azure Active Directory tenant? Well, this created an Application ID for the application (you will be using this ID in your application) and enables it to receive tokens. This basically provides secure sign-in and authorization for the users which will use your application. Registration You’ve develop great applicatio…

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Your first Azure Active Directory tenant

In this short blog I will demonstrate how to create your first Azure AD tenant. Next blog post will describe how to use this tenant with your application. The definition on Microsoft page says that Azure Azure Active directory is: Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft’s multi-tenant, cloud based directory and identity management service. Azure AD combines core director…

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Azure Functions

Some time ago Microsoft announced the Azure Functions. What it is exactly? So, Azure Functions are event driven functions which are executed on some occurrence of events but also can be used on-demand.

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Azure Active Directory B2B: How it works

B2B is based on invitation model which lets you enable access to your corporate applications from partner-managed identities. You can provide email along with the applications you want to share and send invitation to your partners, customers or anyone else who have account in Azure Active Directory. Azure AD sends them an email invite with a link. The partner user follows the link and is prompted to sign in using their Azure AD account or sign up for a new Azure AD account.

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