Start learning Powershell

By Mirek on (tags: Powershell, categories: tools)

If you are not yet familiar with the Powershell I can honestly recommend you to start learning it. This is a great tool with almost unlimited capabilities.

Powershell scripting can change basically any arduous and burdensome activities into a one click task. Anything you can manually do on the windows system  or windows based software can be automated. And if there isn’t already powershell cmdlet/function/method existing, you can always write you own to automate even very complicated operations.
Here is a Microsoft Virtual Academy course part 1 and part 2 I can absolutelly recommend as a excellent starting point. Jason Helmick and Jeffrey Snover will introduce you into main Powershell scripting topics and they do it in an easy, pleasant and humorous way. Apart from that there is a website with documentation, articles, forums, free ebooks and many more.