Localized enums with Entity Framework Code-First 4.1 in WPF MVVM and ASP.NET MVC 3

In part 1) I would like to present the solution of using enum types with Entity Framework Code-First (EF CF later). Then in part 2) I would like to show how easily display these enums in WPF MVVM and in Part 3)  I will try to explain my approach for displaying and binding localized enums in ASP.NET MVC 3 application. EF CF approach is still developed and in version 4.1 it …

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Simple WCF. The simplest configuration.

The power of WCF is that it can be used to any kind of communication. All known old transmission protocols are covered by WCF and can be totally replaced by it.


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Default route with areas in asp.net MVC

I stumbled upon a problem when trying to set up a default route for an asp.net mvc3 application. The routing mechanism itself is pretty straightforward, so I didn’t really expect any problems here, but as it turned out I was wrong.

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YSlow grade “B”

Just run the YSlow test on our blog. We got a grade “B” which in my opinion is pretty decent (and if I run it with “small site or blog” profile – which is exactly what this site is, we even get grade “A”, but hey, aim high).

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