Avoid double login in Windows 10 with Bitlocker

By Mirek on (tags: BitLocker, login, Windows 10, categories: tools, security)

I am using Microsoft Windows 10 on my PC and to encrypt my disk I enabled the Bitlocker on it. Bitlocker is awesome. It works seamlessly encrypts and decrypts data on the fly. Unfortunately my PC doesn’t have the TPM module and I was forced to use a password prompt at computer start to decrypt drives. And here comes the issue.

Since I am using my Microsoft account to login to Windows, it asks for the password at every Windows logon. So when I turn on my machine I am prompted for the password twice. Once for Bitlocker and second to logon to Windows and this I kind of cumbersome.

Fortunately not any more. There is an option in Windows 10 (not sure if it works in Windows 8 as well), which allows you to automatically login to Windows without showing the password prompt. However, when you logout and want to login back to the system without turning off your machine, the password prompt shows up, which is good. You don’t have to shut down the PC when you leave your desk for a minute, simple logout is enough.

The description on how to enable automatically Windows login is described here.