MV* javascript libraries

By eidias on (tags: javascript, categories: tools, web)

You probably heard about knockout.js. Well, there are others like it.


Here are a few that I plan to look at in the nearest future:

  • Angular – developed and maintained by google. Read some good reviews about it.
  • Durandal – not sure how I stumbled upon that, but they do have a bold punch line – “Single page apps done right” – and just for that, it’s worth looking at
  • Backbone – this I think is the second most popular one after knockout. It can be married with Marionette. From the reviews – quite powerful.
  • Ember – an emerging new thing, very different from the rest, but…this guy is struggling with it (as you can see here and here) – so I’m afraid that it may be even more confusing to me. I’ll definitely give it a spin though – just because it’s so different, and it’s always worth to broaden up the view.