20 GB extra in SkyDrive for Windows Phone users

By Mirek on (tags: SkyDrive, Windows Phone, categories: web)

The Christmas just around the corner and the Microsoft bestows his users with gifts…

Yeap, for those who have a Windows Phone and a SkyDrive account Microsoft has a nice Christmas gift. You will get extra 20 GB of SkyDrive space for free for one year. So if you are a regular SkyDrive user, you probably have now your 7GB of free (free of charge) space (which is, btw. still more than 2GB on popular DropBox), then you will have 27GB of space for the next year. If you are a SkyDrive “old father” and you had set up your account when it was 25GB for free, then you will get 45GB free of charge now !

All you need to do is to wait for an email from Microsoft and click on the provided link for accepting the gift. From that moment you are promised to have those extra gigs for the next year.
Who knows maybe Microsoft will let us keep this extra space for ever as a gift for the next Christmas Puszczam oczko

Marry Christmas and the happy New Year to you all !!!