Blogging – things to keep in mind

By eidias on (tags: None, categories: None)

Here are some things that are worth remembering before posting:

  • Set up a display name in the account settings – used to display the author name and in comments. If it’s not supplied the FirstName + LastName is used, if that’s not supplied, the user name us used.
  • Use the “Split post” tag (it’s in the insert ribbon tab, first section – breaks) – this is used to determine which part to display on the article list. If it’s not there, then the first 380 characters of the post are used. If these contain html, things may get messy but I haven’t found a better solution for that…
  • Supply category(ies) and tags – I set up the live writer to warn me if I haven’t done this (options -> preferences -> “remind me to add categories/tags”)
  • If you want to publish an internal post then a category marked as internal must me used (if you provide more than one category, then if any of them is internal, the post will be treated as internal) – categories can be created only through live writer (at the moment) so to work around this issue – create a dummy post with a category, edit the category in the admin panel and then delete the post (this can be done in recent posts in live writer) – or you can just ping me, and I’ll do that – just need the name of the category
  • Our settings for the code snippet plugin are: line numbers, alternate lines, use container. (don’t select embed styles – these are handled in the .css)
  • Existing code snippets need to be removed and re-entered using the code snippet if we want all snippets to look the same – this can be tedious. Tough luck. Check the source after you do that. Some plugins tend to render to much stuff, and even though you remove the code in the edit view, the source still contains some unneeded stuff.
  • Remove id="codeSnippetWrapper" and id="codeSnippet" from the source – just so that I can sleep easier ;) – you can just copy the whole source to a text editor and search and replace – live writer doesn’t do that :/
  • You can publish a draft to the blog, but you can’t see it K (that’s my bad – sorry for that) – same thing with posts scheduled for the future – that’ll be fixed in the next release, I put it to tfs to remember. So if you want to see how that post looks like – use the integration server.
  • Blog style/theme – live writer downloads the stylesheet but doesn’t handle it very well, so …  it’s pretty much useless. I have no idea how to make it play nice.

I think that’s it. If something is causing pains – it should be changed, so let me know, or put it in tfs and ping me. I’ll work on that.