Full responsive vs m-site approach

By Piotr on (tags: ASP.NET, responsive design, categories: code, web)

Nowadays there are more mobile devices than desktops and every mobile device can have different resolution and aspect ratio. That means that we need to come up with optimal solution to that situation. There are basically two main approaches: a website that can dynamically adapted to every screen size - full responsive or additional dedicated mobile version of every page – mobil…


Error handling in ASP.NET 5

By Piotr on (tags: ASP.NET5, error, mvc6, web, categories: web)

There is a lot of changes since MVC5 regarding error handling. I will show you how to catch and handle some basic errors. Here is a nice article by Krzysztof about error handling in MVC5. First of all let me explain what “middleware” is…. or even better – here is the definition of middleware provided by OWIN from here: Pass through components that form a pipeline between a serv…


MVC custom error pages

By on (tags: mvc, categories: code, web)

Long story short – mvc does not handle custom error pages in a way that could be described as ‘even close to correct’. But if you need to fulfill a requirement, you start hacking.


Where to learn CSS3

By Mirek on (tags: css, categories: web)

For those who start their adventure with web developing, especially with cascading style sheets, or those who want to catch up on what is new in CSS3, there are couple of resources you might find quite useful and reach.